What is old town Rab like?

We cannot speak of Rab and not mention the legend of St Christopher, patron of the diocese and later of the whole island, whose relics are jealously preserved to this day by the people of Rab. Then there are St Marinus – founder of the Republic of San Marino – mathematics professor, theologian, physicist, bishop and archbishop, Marco Antonio de Dominis, and all the living island legends and personalities. Rab was a Roman settlement, awarded the status of a town by Emperor Octavian Augustus who pronounced it a municipium 10 years before Christ. It is the duty of us islanders to ensure that they are not forgotten, together with all the values of our civilisation that we will talk about later, for Rab is an island of long memory, a town of living history.

Beautiful town parks

We also cannot speak of Rab and not mention the three beautiful town parks and the quartet of bell towers which have for centuries stood guard over the town, and which differentiate it from lesser towns. As always, looking back to the past illuminates our present, and that of all the picturesque places on the island: Barbat, Banjol, Kampor, Mundanije, Palit and Supetarska Draga, which with their unique characteristics, hospitable islanders and tourist services draw in everyone who visits.


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